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Jiang Encourages Chinese, Italian Entrepreneurs to Enhance Cooperation

  Both China and Italy have economic strengths, and trade, scientific and technological exchanges and cooperation between the two countries are mutually beneficial, Chinese President Jiang Zemin told Milanese businessmen on Wednesday.

  After years of effort, Jiang said, economic and trade cooperation between China and Italy has developed smoothly and Italy has become an important trade partner of China in Western Europe.

  However, the Chinese president said that there was still a large disparity concerning the bilateral economic and trade cooperation, compared with the potential both countries have acquired.

  "This requires that both Chinese and Italian governments push it forward, and efforts be made by businessmen of both countries as well, " Jiang said.

  He also said that China's economy would maintain its rapid development, at about 7 percent this year.

  Jiang explained the measures to be taken by the Chinese government to fulfill this year's goals of economic development. They include increasing investment in infrastructure, raising domestic demand and incomes of the people, keeping the Chinese currency from devaluation, improving the environment for foreign investment and using foreign funds more efficiently.

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