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President Jiang Zemin Meets CITIC International Advisory Members

  President Jiang Zemin said in Shanghai September 24 during a meeting with six well-known international businessmen that China will do its utmost to restructure the State-owned enterprises (SOEs) so as to insure the sustainable, rapid and healthy growth of the national economy.

  He explained the major policies covering the reform and development of SOEs, adopted at the just-concluded 4th plenary session of the 15th Central Committee of the Communist Party of China (CPC), to Maurice Greenberg, chairman of AIG of the United States, and five other members of the International Advisory Council of the China International Trust and Investment Corp. ( CITIC), who are in China to attend a CITIC meeting.

  Jiang stressed that China must carefully oversee the restructuring of SOEs, the upgrading of SOE's management mechanism, and its technical advances to guarantee long-range, stable economic growth.

  Greenberg said that the members of the CITIC International Advisory Council, who are all leaders of major international companies, have had in-depth discussions on the development of CITIC and that of China.

  He said they were all deeply impressed by China's speedy economic growth over the past several years and they are willing to expand their businesses in China.

  Jiang noted that the increasing cooperation with the outside world in trade and economic areas has helped strengthen China's national power and improved the daily life of the Chinese people. (Xinhua)

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