Jiang Zemin, Chairman of the Central Military Commission, Inspects PLA Units Stationed in Hong Kong,, Encouraging Officers and Men to Build Up a Mighty, Civilized Division and Strive to Do Their Work in Hong Kong Even Better
Pictured here is the Chairman reviewing naval officers and men.

President Jiang Zemin Leaves Hong Kong After Concluding Various Activities in the Region

Jiang Zemin Attends the Hong Kong International Airport Opening Ceremony
Picture shows Jiang Zemin, general secretary of the CPC Central Committee, president of the PRC and chairman of the Central Military Commission, unveils the ceremony for its completion and starting its operation. SAR Chief Executive Tung Chee-hwa spoke at the ceremony. He said that completion and operation of the Hong Kong International Airport not only can meet the needs for Hong Kong's development in the next century, but also help consolidate Hong Kong's status as a communications, trade, finance and tourism center in the Asia-Pacific region. Acting on behalf of President Jiang and the central government, Vice-Premier Qian Qichen expressed warm congratulations on the completion and initial operation of the new Hong Kong Airport. He said, starting the use of the airport will effectively promote Hong Kong's exchange with the inland and various countries and regions, consolidate the region's status, enhance its international competitiveness and inject fresh vigor into its economic development.

Applying Research Achievements to the National Economy
NPC Standing Committee Chairman Li Peng stressed this point when he inspected the Bio-Physics Institute and Remote Sensing Application Institute under the Chinese Academy of Sciences. He said in the 21st century competition in overall national strength is largely high-tech contention, it is necessary to redouble efforts for research and development and earnestly apply research results to the national economy, so as to make still greater contribution to China's development.

Member of the First SAR Legislature Sworn in, Rita Fan Hsu Lai-tai Is Elected Its President

Autumn Grain Has a Good Beginning
This is very favorable for gathering a good harvest of grain this year.


Agricultural Bank of China and Bank of Communications Increase Credit Investment
The Agricultural Bank plans to increase 160 billion yuan in loans this year and the Bank of Communications plans to increase savings deposits of 50 billion yuan and loans over 35 billion yuan. In doing this, the two banks aim to ensure economic growth.

The Ministry of Finance Adjust the Interest Rates on National Bonds This Year

Notable Results Achieved in the Country's Efforts to Reduce Enterprise Burden
By the end of June, central government departments had cancelled 424 items of unreasonable charges involving a value of 26.2 billion yuan; various provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities cancelled 2,028 items valued at 9.53 billion yuan and governments below prefectural and city levels cancelled 18,261 items worth 13.62 billion yuan, demonstrating initial results in reducing enterprise burden/

Photo: This new wireless writing system, called 'Han Rui De' computer pen writing input system, was born on July 2. With this new system, one can operate by writing with a pen instead of using the keyboard and the Mouse device.

Opportunity Is Often Embodied in Difficulty
Governor Li Chunting of Shandong Province on Doing the Priority Work Well
This refers to the re-employment of laid-off workers from state-owned enterprises. He said, the key to turning difficulties into opportunities lies in the word DEVELOPMEnt, this means basing solution of the re-employment problem on developing the economy. When Shandong's economic growth is expanded by every 1 percentage point, it can provide 140,000 work posts, and energtically developing the tertiary industry is key to readjustment of the economic structure. If the proportion of Shandong's tertiary industry can reach the average 40 percent level of the developing country, it can increase 6 million work posts.

Vice-Minister Zhu Dengquan of Water Resources Answers Reporters' Questions Concerning Water and Soil Conservation and Promoting construction of Ecological Environment. The interview focuses on the present water and soil erosion situation in China, progress in the implementation of the Water Law


Hong Kong people from all social circles are greatly inspired by the speech made by President Jiang Zemin at a meeting celebrating the first anniversary of Hong Kong's return to the motherland. They say the powerful homeland is a strong backing to Hong Kong, and believe that the HKSAR government, headed by Tung Chee-hwa, will surely be able to lead the citizens out of economic difficulties and to a better future.

Hong Kongers Governing not Only Hong Kong but the Country
This can be seen in three fields: I. 60 members of the first HKSAR Legislature were elected on May 24, with a record voting rate of 53.3%; II. 180,000 civil servants are valuable treasure of Hong Kong; and III. Hong Kongers can also govern the country through their representatives, 36 NPC Hong Kong deputies.

Making Achievements Through Hard Work, Being Honest and Clean as Widely Acknowledged
Profile of Guo Shuren, head of the Organization Department of Hunan Province Zhangjiajie Municipal Party Committee

Phased Success Has Been Made in Staff Education and Rectification of the National Court System

NPC Standing Committee Will Launch a Check on Social Security Law Enforcement
Three investigation groups will be sent to Hainan, Jilin and Jiangsu provinces.

'98 Social Aiding-the-Poor International Seminar Is Held in Beijing
Over 80 participants including officials, experts and entrepreneurs were present at the meeting on July 1.


People's Forum:
Family Loving Care for the Laid-offs
This article cites several moving stories about family life of the laid-offs. They are deeply concerned and fully supported by their family members.

China hopes that Cambodia will carry out a peaceful, stable and fair general election, says Foreign Ministry Spokesman Tang Guoqiang at a press conference.

Wei Jianxing, member of the Standing Committee of Political Bureau and Secretariat of the CPC Central Committee, reiterates the need to build a high quality contingent of politics and law while meeting with presidents of higher people's courts.

President Bill Clinton Visits Guilin
President Clinton goes sightseeing along the Lijiang River in Guilin and holds talks with seven people on environmental protection issues.

Lijiang River's Misty Rain Intoxicates the Distinguished Guest
Picture shows President Clinton and his wife touring the Lijiang River by boat.

Vice-Premier Li Lanqing calls for renovating knowledge and speeding up transformation of scientific achievements into productive forces during talks with officials from some group companies and institutions of higher education.

US President Bill Clinton Arrives in Hong Kong
Chief Executive Tung Chee-hwa welcomes the US President at Hong Kong's new international airport and holds a dinner party in honor of Clinton.

President Jiang Zemin's wife Wang Yeping visits Hong Kong Pui Ching Primary School's kindergarten.


Secondary vocational education accounts for over half of the senior middle school education in Anhui Province.

State Bureau of Environmental Protection emphasizes the need to control noise pollution during college entrance examinations. This was stressed after the incident that staff members of Xi'an Department of Environment Protection were beaten by a crowd of people at the work-site while inspecting construction projects.

Notes on Pollution Control in the " Leather Capital"
As the biggest market for leather goods, Hebei Province's Lixian County used to be a heavily polluted place. Through painstaking efforts, the " leather capital breaks the queer circle of " environmental deterioration comes after economic development. "

Pingxiang City of Jiangxi Province Guarantees Priority to Educational Development

The Cooperation between University and Enterprise Adds Vigor
--Notes on Wantai International Investment College of Shanghai Finance and Economics University

Beijing Commends College Students Who Volunteer to Support the Construction of Border Areas

Providing Opportunities for More Children
Linyi City's Shuang Yueyuan school, the largest and best-equipped Civilian-run school in Shandong Province, has exempted tuition for 10 excellent students from families with financial difficulties.


Presidents of Kazakhstan ,Kirghizstan and Tadzhikistan respectively indicate that cooperation with China has wide prospect and they all wish the Five-Nation Summit complete success.

Some News Media and Foreign Government Officials Highly Appraise the Summit of Chinese and US Leaders.
These Media and officials believe that the improvement of Sino-US relations will help strengthen the political and economic stability in the Asia-Pacific region and the whole world.

The Organs of Hong Kong in foreign countries hold receptions in celebration of the first anniversary of Hong Kong's return.

Mexican Foreign Minister says that her government pays great attention to developing cooperation with China in the fields of politics, economy, science and culture.

The Central Committee of Communist Party of China sends a message of congratulations to the opening of 10th Congress of Communist Party of South Africa.

Photo: US government officials and friendly personages of all circles in Hong Kong are watching the model of Hong Kong's new airport.

Russian President Boris Yeltsin calls on India to immediately join the Nuclear Test-Ban Treaty and Treaty on the Non-proliferation of nuclear weapons.

UN will pay for the economic loss incurred to the four enterprises of India, Kuwait, Republic of Korea and Russia during the Gulf War.

Materials on the Summit of China, Russia, Kazakhstan , Kirghizstan and Tadzhikistan

Delegation of the People's Daily Visits the Biggest Newspaper Group in Egypt.


Russian Prime Minister Sergei Kiriyenko set three government tasks to stimulate Russian economic growth on Wednesday.

An article analyzes the reason why there are many Soccer Hooligans in Europe and explores ways to deal with them.

Economic News of East Asia
*The Japanese government decides to set up a transitional bank to solve the bad creditor's rights.
*The Malaysian government will set up an " infrastructure development fund ".
*The inflation rates of Thailand continues to rise in June.
*The stock markets in Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, the Philippines and the ROK rebounded yesterday. Photo: Some people are watching the display panel of a stock company in Tokyo. The share prices in Tokyo stock market kept rising yesterday.

Some economists and entrepreneurs in Thailand appraise the Chinese government's policy of not devaluating Renminbi and its positive contribution to solving the Asian Financial Crisis.

Photo: The 12th World AIDS Conference is held in Geneva from June 28 to July 3.

The Brazilian Government will severely punish those who make and sell fake medicine.


Each Sticks to His Own Views
Team members of France, Italy, Brazil and Denmark air their views on the coming matches.

" This World Cup Is No Compare" -- FIFA President Joao Havelange Does His Utmost to Safeguard the World Cup

Who Is the Stronger of the Strong Teams
Analysis of the World Cup 1/4 finals prospect

To Feel the Pulse of the Asian Teams
Analysis on the gap between the Asian and Euro-American teams

Two photos: The Looks of Fans

Challenge to Cross-country Endurance, a Sport of the Strong


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