Premier Zhu Rongji Inspects Flood-Control Work in Hubei and Hunan Provinces
Zhu affirmed the phased victories won, under local Party committees and governments at all levels, by the cadres and masses, PLA soldiers and officers and men of armed police, in flood-control and disaster relief work. At the same time, he called for nationwide efforts to ensure tiding over the flooding period in major rivers and seizing complete victory in flood-control and relief work. Picture shows the premier inspecting flooding situation in Hubei's Jingjiang River embankments.

Industrial and Commercial Taxes Increased Steadily in the First Half of This Year
This achievement is attributed to the effort to strengthen tax collection and management, block loopholes and tap potentials.

According to Customs Statistics, Import and Export Both Rebound in June (br> In the first six months, China's foreign trade continued a growth trend, with the total value of import and export exceeding US$150 billion, an increase of 5.2 percent over last year's same period.

CPPCC Chairman Li Ruihuan Meets With the Japanese Kobi Delegation Headed by Mayor Sasayama Kazutoshi
The Japanese guests came on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of Tianjin and Kobe becoming sister cities. Li expressed the hope that the two cities would sum up experiences and push the friendship between them to a new stage. The Japanese guest also hoped cooperation between both sides could further expand.

CPC Central Large Enterprises Working Committee Formally Established
This is a major move to deepen reform of state-owned enterprises and strengthen construction of leading bodies in large state-owned enterprises, said Vice-Premier Wu Bangguo.

Today's Talk: Safeguarding the dignity of the national flag

Vice-Premier Li Lanqing Meets With Bill Emmott, editor-in-chief of the British weekly , the Economist

Palestinian President Yasser Arafat Scheduled to Visit China

Notes on the Successful Attempt of Building the Ertan Hydroelectric Power Station in Line With International Practices
Picture shows the 240-meter-high spillway, double-curve arch dam, which is among the world's highest.


Reform in the Use of Telephone and Sedan Cars
Using telephones and cars at public expense is a symbol of a government work unit and the treatment of state cadres. However, this has been quietly evolved over the past many years. Under the high-sounding reason of ``work necessity'', a lot of financial expenditures and state-owned assets have been misappropriated for personal gain. In view of this, No.4 Company of China Construction No.1 Bureau began to launch reform in the use of telephones and cars.

Market Supervision and Control Should Focus on Major Points, Difficult Points and Hot Spots
State Councilor Wu Yi stressed this at the National conference of heads of administrations for industry and commerce.

Entry and Exit Inspection and Quarantine Enters New Stage

China's Newsprint Anti-Dumping Case Initially Arbitrated
China decides to institute temporary anti-dumping in regard to newsprints imported from Canada, the Republic of Korea and the United States.

The Dumping of Newsprints Has Caused Substantial harm to China's Industry

Shenzhen Customs has achieved fruitful results in its anti-smuggle endeavor launched since May. Over the past two months, it has discovered 36 smuggle cases, involving smuggled goods worth around 100 million yuan. Picture shows customs officials inspecting smuggled goods.

Shandong Province's Guantai County Leads the Country in Terms of Per-Mu (15 Mu=One Hectare) Wheat Output of 518 kg

According to a letter from a correspondent of Xinhua News Agency, management should also be conducted over rural ``real estate''

News Items: * Hainan Province Reforms Its Local Taxation Organizations' Management System; * '98 China Tsingtao International Beer Festival Opened in Qingdao City on July 8; and *Sichuan Province Cancels a Number of Regulations on Power Restriction and Institutes Concession Power Sales.

True Heart Exchanged for True Feeling
This is a story about how a cadre takes care of the daily life of laid-off workers.


Adhering to Correct Orientation , Running Adminsitrative Colleges to a Level Unique to Themselves
State Councilor and President of the State Administrative College Wang Zhongyu pointed out this as he attended and spoke at the conference of presidents of local administrative colleges.

Establishing an Armymen Insurance System With Chinese Characteristics
Wang Ke, member of the Central Military Commission, head of the General Logistics Department and director of the Armymen Insurance Committee, stressed this at the Armymen Insurance Working Conference.

Solid and Effective Work Done in the Activity to Create a Good Public Order at Grass-Roots Level in Various Localities
This has been proved by a survey conducted by 10 investigation teams organized by more than 30 Party and government departments which went to investigate into the social security comprehensive treatment work in 10 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities.

Beijing Ferrets Out an Exceptionally Serious Case of Stealing Motor Vehicles
the case involved 87 stolen vehicles at a total value of nearly 10 million yuan, more than 10 suspects have been captured.

A New Chapter on the Meritorious Deeds of Oustanding Persons Who Cherish the People and Are Devoted to Their Work
Wuhan Conducts Comprehensive Rectification of Hanzheng Street
This is part of the effort made by the Wuhan city Party committee and government to create a prosperous modern market and represents the achievements gained by the city in its comprehensive rectification of Hanzheng Street.

Picture here is Party member Zhong Zhenling in Dalian City (first right) who passes on clothing design and tailoring technique without compensation to two brothers who have been unemployed for two years, and helps them set up a garments processing store and thus become re-employed.

An Award-Granting Meeting for the National Teenagers Legal Knowledge Contest Held in Beijing


Ensuring Perfect Safety of Dykes of the Yangtze River -- Report on the Anti-Flood Efforts of Soldiers and Civilians in Jiujiang, Jiangxi Province
Photo: Leading his soldiers in a charge, Commander Lu Luting of Jiujiang Military Sub-Area is rescuing the people besieged by flooding.

High Water Level Will Remain Longer on the Central and Lower Reaches of the Yangtze River
The largest flooding on the upper reaches has passed Chongqing safely.

Persons Responsible for the Manmade Incident of Two Sunken Ships Have Been Punished in Wuhan
The ships have been pulled out to a safe area. Wuhan Municipal Party Committee and government call for full consideration of the whole the anti-flood situation.

People's Forum: When Will the Flooding Guidance Material End?

The new leadership of Changle County in Shandong Province has made efforts to combat the practice of waste and extravagance by Party and government cadres. The relations between cadres and the masses have been remarkably improved in this county, which used to be called "the county in Shandong, which files the most appeals to the higher authorities."

"Encyclopedia of Chinese Human Rights" is published in Beijing. Chinese Academy of Social Sciences and China Encyclopedia Press jointly hold a seminar on the publishing of the book.

Friendly Contacts
*Vice-Premier Qian Qichen will pay visits to Barbados, Guyana, Trinidad and Tobago, Cuba and Jamaica at the invitations of the five nations' governments.
*NPC Vice-Chairwoman He Luli meets with a delegation of Jordan's World Affairs Council led by former Minister of State Awad Al-Khalidi.
*Japanese Foreign Minister Keizo Obuchi is to visit China on July 15-19.


China has got the first place in team score in the International Middle School Physics Olympic Competition for the 6th time. Each of the five Chinese students has got a gold medal at the 29th competition held in Reykjavik, capital of Iceland. They are:
Chen Yu'ao from Qidong Middle School, Jiangsu Province;
Deng Zhifeng from Changsha No.1 Middle School, Hunan Province;
Li Xiaofeng from the Middle School Attached to Tsinghua University;
Wu Xin'an from Hangzhou No.2 Middle School, Zhejiang Province;
Liu Yuan (f) from Tianjin Nankai Middle School.

In the past 10 years, 565 medical workers have been sent to 10 counties of 3 Tibetan autonomous prefectures in the south of Qinghai Province. They have given free medical treatment and medicines to 386,000 Tibetan herdsmen.

"An Automobile Hospital," a mobile medical team, is serving in the rural areas of Wudi County, Shandong Province.

Flowers Fertilized in Spring Bear Abundant Fruits in Fall
Report on the teaching reform and development of Northwest Politics and Law College

The Graduate School of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences held its '98 commencement. Li Tieying, president of the school and also member of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee, attended the ceremony with 162 graduates receiving master's and doctor's degrees.

Do not Learn "Mute English" (Silent English)
A survey shows that 75 percent of over 1000 students are unsatisfied with the present situation of common English teaching in colleges and universities. In China, English is one of the subjects that students learn through the longest period, from middle school to college, and to graduate school. But few of students can hear and speak English well after so many years of learning. It has caught the great attention of education departments and reform measures are being carried out.

A Kind of High-yield Wheat Has Been Raised by Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences
This kind of wheat, called H92-112, is more nutritious and can resist diseases. The highest per-mu yield is 643.9kg.


The senior diplomats from six nations call on the Yugoslavian government and the ethnic Albanian in Kosovo to cease fire immediately and oppose Kosovo breaking away from Yugoslavia.
Photo: German Foreign Minister Klaus Kinkel (first right) is holding a news conference after the Six-Nation meeting.

New Situation and New Countermeasures to deal with Kosovo Crisis

Thomas Klestil is reelected President of Austria.

From Joining to Exerting Its Influence in EU

Chinese Ambassador Gao Wenxian to Qatar holds a reception to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Qatar.

Envoys of India and the United States began their second -round talks yesterday in Frankfort, Germany.

*US President Bill Clinton calls on the Congress and all states to exercise strict control over guns.
*US President Bill Clinton admits that the American Indians are treated unfairly.

The US government will adjust its policy of aid to Egypt.

The talks between British Prime Minister Tony Blair and the representatives of Northern Ireland protestants see no progress. Photo: Northern Ireland Protestants are reading Newspapers outside a church and waiting for the order that permits them to parade.


The Japanese government will carry out long-term tax-cut policy to revive its economy next year.

The Japanese government will carry out long-term tax-cut policy to revive its economy next year.

The Russian economic recession is the main cause of its financial market fluctuation.

*The 100,000 tons of grains and 20,000 tons chemical fertilizer that the Chinese government renders to DPRK have been delivered into the country.
* DPRK still faces serious grain shortage this year.

UN Economic and Social Council stresses the need to take into account the trade interests of the developing countries.


The defender of France team scores both goals 2-1 over Croatia , which bring France into their first World Cup Final. France will face Brazil in the World Cup final on July 12. Photo: France vs Croatia

"We want to win the World Cup," said French coach Aime Jacquet after the 2-1 goals.

France Is Only One Step Off the World Cup -- Coaches and players comment on the match between France and Croatia.

The Night of Victory in Paris

Is the time for applying strict rules in soccer match approaching? -Review and analysis of World Cup 98 (Part 4)

1011 Photo: Thriving Tourist Industry in Suburban areas has make the mountain villagers become rich.

Photo: Deda Company of Jilin Province raise chickens by making full use of the rich grain resources.

Photo: Volunteers help rear the handicapped children in Beijing Orphanage.


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