Protracted War Is Required for Anti-Smuggle Struggle
The following are excerpts from the article by Our Commentator: Since the National Anti-Smuggle Work Conference held by the Party Central Committee and the State Council in mid-July, various regions and departments, acting in accordance with the essence of General Secretary Jiang's speech and the requirements of the conference, have unified thinking, strengthened leadership, made proper arrangements, and rapidly and severely cracked down on the criminal smuggling activities nationwide, thus bringing about a brand-new situation in the anti-smuggling struggle within a short space of time, curbing smuggled imports, as a result, the sluggish sales of some commodities due to the impact of smuggle tend to pick up.
In the face of the achievements gained in the anti-smuggle struggle over the past several months, we must maintain a clear-head understanding: in the anti-smuggle struggle, the spirit of going into resolute and speedy action is praiseworthy, but the style of doing something perseveringly is all the more commendable. The Party Central Committee and the State Council require that we launch a massive offensive against the smuggling crime, giving the smugglers a 'crushing blow'. Since a crushing blow is required, it cannot be a crash job to be accomplished in one move, rather we must make long-term combat preparations for a protracted war.
Just as the situation regarding the smuggling rampage is not formed in one day, victory in the anti-smuggle struggle cannot be accomplished at one stroke. Smuggling criminals are cruel on the one hand, and cunning on the other. Therefore, our struggle with them is both arduous, complex and protracted. For this reason, Party committees and governments at all levels must pay high attention to and really strengthen leadership.

Chinese President Puts Hope On Workers and Trade Union
President Jiang Zemin, in a meeting yesterday with newly elected leaders of the All-China Federation of Trade Unions (ACFTU), said that the Party will adhere to its basic principle of wholeheartedly relying on the working class.
The meeting at Zhongnanhai, the central government headquarters, included some delegates to the recent 13th National Congress of the ACFTU.
Jiang praised the Chinese working class's role in the past century and said that the country faces both opportunities and challenges in the increasing world multi-polarization and economic globalization and rapid scientific and technological progress.
He hoped that the working class will make fresh contributions to the reform, opening up and the modernization drive.
Jiang pointed out that he hopes they support the Party's and government's major measures for promoting the reform of state-owned enterprises and have a proper attitude toward the readjustment of interests relations in the course of the reform.
He said that enterprises should improve democratic management and depend more on workers' representatives meetings to deal with major issues concerning enterprise reforms and development and workers' interests.
Trade unions should play a greater role as a bridge between the Party and the workers, he said, and unions should help unite the workers closely around the Party.
He said he also hopes that trade union leaders will improve themselves and try their best to serve the workers.

Li Peng Holds Talks With Russian Duma Chairman
Li Peng, chairman of the Standing Committee of China's National People's Congress (NPC), had talks in Beijing yesterday afternoon with Gennady Seleznev, the chairman of the Duma of Russia who was in Beijing as Li's guest.
Li Peng pointed out that Chinese President Jiang Zemin and his Russian counterpart Boris Yeltsin have met many times, which has led to the establishment of the guiding principle for the bilateral relations and laid a foundation for developing bilateral good-neighborly and friendly relations.
He said that China would join Russia in making an effort to bring about more results in bilateral parliamentary exchanges.
In the past few years, bilateral relations have had good development momentum, and Sino-Russian strategic partnership is a new one with mutual respect, equality, mutual trust, non-interference in each other's internal affairs, good-neighborly friendship and common development, Li said.
China and Russia are two important and influential countries which have common interests in international affairs and their cooperation in the field has been fruitful, said Li.
He cited the cooperation in seeking political solution to the Kosovo crisis recently, and said that China hopes to further strengthen consultations and cooperation in major international and regional issues.
Li also discussed the historical background of the Taiwan and Tibet issues and China's position on them and said that he appreciates the "one China" stance of Seleznev and most Duma members.
However, he said, a small number of people have always wanted to harm the sentiments of the Chinese people by acting in a different way on the Taiwan question, which will inevitably cause concern from the Chinese government.
Seleznev said that there is a deep traditional friendship between the people of the two countries, and that the two countries have a consensus on international and bilateral relations, and that the leaders of the two countries have set up a regular meeting mechanism, and various departments have kept constant contacts, which has laid a firm foundation for the development of bilateral political relations.
He said that the Duma strictly abides by the "one China" principle and believes that the government of the People's Republic of China is the sole legitimate government representing China.
He also pointed out that the visit of Zhirinovsky, a Duma member, to Taiwan does not represent the Duma and that he himself opposed this act from the beginning.

Chinese and Finnish Prime Minister Meet
Chinese Premier Zhu Rongji, in a meeting with Finnish Prime Minister Paavo Lipponen in Beijing yesterday afternoon, said that China is ready to make a concerted effort with Finland to promote bilateral cooperation in the fields of politics, economy, trade, science, technology, culture and education.
Zhu said that Sino-Finnish relations are very good and that bilateral cooperation in various fields has progressed smoothly and there have been constant high-level exchanges between the two sides.
He said he believes that Lipponen's visit will further the development of bilateral friendship and cooperation and that he appreciates the "one China" policy of the Finnish government.
As long as the two countries abide by the principles of mutual respect, seeking common ground while reserving differences, and of equality and mutual benefit, the Sino-Finnish friendship and cooperation will bear more fruits, Zhu said.
In the past few years, there have been good developments in relations between China and the EU, Zhu said, pointing to a joint statement signed earlier this year on a long-term, stable and constructive partnership oriented toward the 21st century. He said that the EU passed a new China policy and the second meeting of Chinese and EU leaders will be held next year.
Zhu said that China places importance on the EU's role in international affairs, and when the world is accelerating its pace toward multi-polarization and economic globalization, the strengthening of Sino-European cooperation is conducive to Asian-European cooperation and world peace and stability.
Lipponen pointed to the nearly 50 years of diplomatic ties between Finland and China and said that bilateral relations have developed well, and when China started its reforms and opening-up two decades ago, bilateral friendship and cooperation entered a new era.
And, in the past few years, bilateral economic and trade cooperation has grown rapidly, and his country will make a greater effort to explore new cooperative spheres while strengthening traditional cooperation in such fields as forestry, he said.
He said he hopes China will enter the World Trade Organization as soon as possible. Chinese Leader Meets With Russia Duma Delegation
Li Ruihuan, the chairman of the CPPCC National Committee, met with Chairman Gennady Seleznev of Russian Duma and his delegation.
Li said that China and Russia have witnessed consolidation and development in their strategic partnership thanks to their efforts in recent years. The two countries have a long friendship, more frequent high-level visits, expanded economic and trade cooperation, and increasing scientific, technological, and cultural exchanges, and share identical or similar views on international affairs, he said.
Seleznev said that his delegation has representatives of all political parties in the Russian Duma and that he is willing to increase his understanding of China's reforms and opening-up during this tour and he introduced the operation of the Russian Duma to Li.


Soil Conservation: A Long Way to Go

In the Water Conservation on the Loess Plateau Column, the second essay says that 0.16 million sq km of land has been tackled for soil conservation on the Loess Plateau since 1949. But, soil erosion is serious in China. According to a survey made by the Water Resources Ministry, the soil erosion area topped 0.45 million sq km in 1990. The essay says that tackling soil erosion is a difficult task because of funding shortage.
In addition, it says, tackling soil erosion requires a good mechanism for investment. First of all, the soil conservation assets should be made clear, Assets management should be instituted.
The essay adds that geographical factor and damage by human being has resulted in soil erosion on the Loess Plateau. So. Putting soil erosion to rights should be in tandem with concrete local conditions.

The General Office of the State Council issued earlier a notice calling for doing well the on-the-spot settlement of laborers in the flood-hit rural areas and the organization of orderly flow of civilian laborers.
The notice of the General Office is transmitting a document in this connection of the Ministry of Labor and Social Security, the State Development Planning Commission, the Ministry of Water Resources, the Construction Ministry and the Ministry of Agriculture.

Cooperatives in Zunhua County, Hebei Province have increased loans to farmers. By the end of September, 212 million yuan were added for this purpose, making up 91 percent of the total loans increased in the county.

Photo: Farmers receiving extended land contracts from the government in Jinhua Municipality County, Zhejiang Province

China's international contracted engineering service has made headway. 26 Chinese firms have been listed among 225 biggest world contractors and their total turnover makes up 3.7 percent of the total turnover of the 225 biggest world contractors.
This was learnt from a symposium on international contracted engineering projects held in Beijing on October 26.

Pingdingshan Municipality in Henan Province has restored farmland from the caved-in collieries. 80,000 mu of land have been restored in 4 years.

A sampling survey conducted by the State Administration of Quality and Technology Supervision shows that 1202 products are qualified out of 1542 products of 50 categories manufactured by 1268 enterprises. 78 percent of the surveyed products are up to the standards.


Some Regulations Concerning Honest Conscription promulgated by the Headquarters of General Staff, the General Political Department and the Chinese Ministry of Supervision
In order to strengthen construction of honest conscription, enforce strict discipline regarding conscription and reception of new soldiers, prevent and correct unhealthy tendency and guarantee the quality of new soldiers, with approval from the State Council and the Central Military Commission, Some Regulations Concerning Honest Conscription were recently promulgated jointly by the Headquarters of General Staff and the General Political Department of the Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA) and the Ministry of Supervision.
It is required to strictly implement the system of examining and approving predetermined soldiers, persist in collective examination to ensure quality, the name list of predetermined soldiers should be published in the townships, towns, streets and work units where the new soldiers are in, opinions of the masses should be heeded, and it is not allowed to establish unprincipled connection in violation of stipulations.
Photo by photographers Zhang Ming and Zhang Shusong: Recently, Liu Kun, secretary of Tianjin's Heping District Party Committee and director of the district, and cadres of the people's armed force department conduct conscription publicity and consulting activities.

Beijing Starts Conscription Early, 80,000 Youths Show Soaring Enthusiasm.
Recently, more than 80,000 youths old enough to join the army signed up , thus laying a solid foundation for fulfilling the task of enlisting soldiers quantitatively and qualitatively.

Army Information Superhighway Opens for the First Time
The army information superhighway geared to the 21st century recently opened for the first time during the joint defensive campaign training in the Beijing Military Command Area. The success and application of this hi-tech research result helped raise the automatic commanding system of our army to a new level.
According to relevant experts, the army information superhighway technology is a creation at home. Beginning on October 20, the Beijing Military Command Area used this system for the first time, and organized its affiliated group armies, provincial military command areas, garrison commands and air force of the military command to conduct a six-day non-local synchronous campaign training, with complete success.


Ningxia Practises Economy in Celebrating 40th Anniversary of Its Founding
In conscientiously carrying out the spirit of the Party Central Committee concerning celebrations of the 40th anniversary of its founding, the Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region initiated a new style instead of following the old practise, it strictly practised economy and paid attention to actual results, cutting down the scale of celebrations. The number of the members of the central delegation to participate in celebrations alone was reduced by half and more, and the time for activities was cut down from seven days to one day. The central authorities decided to use all the money thus saved to support the poverty-stricken mountain areas of Ningxia.

Jiang Accepts Credentials of Three Countries' New Ambassadors
Chinese President Jiang Zemin accepted credentials presented by new ambassadors of Slovakia, Antigua and Barbuda, and Nepal to China in the Great Hall of the People in Beijing yesterday.
The three ambassadors are Peter Paulen of Slovakia, James Thomas of Antigua and Barbuda, and Rajeshwar Acharya of Nepal.

Not Following Old Practices, But Instead Creating a New Social Custom----by Our Commentator
Provinces and autonomous regions in China should learn from the Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region in making thrifty arrangements for the 40th anniversary of its founding.
Ningxia has set an example for the whole country in saving state funds in celebrating the 40th anniversary of its establishment. On October 25, it asked officials at various levels to cut out all unnecessary meetings, especially celebrations, receptions, parties, symposiums, news conferences, and to use the money thus saved for economic construction and solving problems in people's daily life.
Ningxia had planned large-scale celebrations for its 40th anniversary, but, after the devastating floods that hit many parts of the country, the regional government decided to reduce activities in response to the central government's call for supporting flood-hit areas.
Ningxia has reduced the time for celebrations from seven days to only one, cancelled a 10,000-person parade, a cocktail party, and some other activities, using the money thus saved to aid poverty-stricken areas.
The region's thrifty practise has initiated a new social custom for the whole country and offered an opportunity for education in patriotism, socialism, nationality unity and hard struggle.

Speeding Up the Healthy Development of Small Towns
With a view to carrying out in-depth study of the spirit of the Third Plenum of the 15th Party Central Committee and further discussing questions related to accelerating the sound development of small towns at the present stage in China, the Economic Department of the People's Daily and the China Small Town Reform and Development Center under the State Council Structural Reform Office jointly held in Beijing a high-level symposium on issues concerning the development of Chinese small towns. Participating experts unanimously agreed that the Third Plenary Session of the 15th Party Central Committee raised the development of small towns to the plane of 'major strategy', it has thus grasped the key issue affecting the overall situation regarding the cause of China's socialist modernization. We should seize the opportunity, strengthen policy support and make rational planning, so as to guarantee the healthy development of small towns.
How Can the Issue Concerning the Loss of State Assets Be Left Unsettled?
This report by Our Staff Reporter Li Youcun says: According to letters from readers, huge amounts of state assets have been lost in the process of the transfer of the property rights of the forest wooden products mill under Guizhou Province's Tongzi County Timber Industry Corporation. Leaders of the provincial discipline inspection commission once gave written instructions, requiring that concerned departments conduct investigation and deal with the matter conscientiously. But now two years have elapsed, the matter remains an outstanding case. Recently this reporter paid a special trip to Guizhou Province for investigation.
In early 1995, Luo Lin resigned from his posts as deputy director of the County Forestry Bureau and manager of County Tiber Industry Corporation. Then, in the capacity as the director (legal representative) of the forest wooden products mill, he signed a contract on jointly managing the County Forest Wooden Products Mill with Wang Xianhua, director of the County Forestry Bureau and the newly appointed County Timber Industry Corporation. The contract stipulates that Luo Lin should pay the County Timber Industry Corporation 482,000 yuan before December 20, 1995, and all the property rights of the Forestry Wooden Products Millshall be owned by Luo Lin. It is not difficult to see that this contract is a contract for a joint venture in name, and directional property right transfer in reality. In October 1996, under the pretext of poor performance of the mill, Luo Lin sold most of the property rights of the forest wooden products mill to the County Tobacco Company from which he gained 1.8 million yuan.
The contract signed by Luo Lin with Wang Xianhua and the contract he signed to sell property rights to the County Tobacco Company have not gone through asset evaluation and not been recognized and approved by state assets management department at the same level, and so they contravened the stipulations of state policies. However, relevant leaders of Tongzi County and the State Assets Management Department, at the crucial moment of the transfer of the property rights of the forest wooden products mill, turned a blind eye to it, giving up their leadership and law-enforcement supervision, thus causing losses to state assets.
Regarding this, people will ask: can the loss of state assets be left unsettled?


50,000 Students Have Graduated from Beijing Union University
Beijing Union University greeted earlier its 20th founding anniversary. Over the past 20 years, 50,000 students have graduated from the university. This university has become a cradle for talented people.
The University was founded on the basis of several branch schools of Peking University, Tsinghua University, Renmin University and Beijing Normal University. Since 1993, this university has explored the way to higher vocational education. It was the first university in China to develop higher vocational education on the basis of regular undergraduate courses.

Zhang Daning Asteroid Named
Zhang Daning Asteroid, the first asteroid named after a medical scholar, was named at the certificate awarding ceremony held in Beijing on October 23. Zhang Daning is a famous traditional Chinese medicine scholar on renal disease. This asteroid was found by Beijning Astronomical Observatory of the Chinese Academy of Sciences on October 3, 1996.

Civilian-Run Higher Education Explorers Won Award
The Civilian-Run Higher Education Committee of the Chinese Adult Education Association awarded 231 successful explorers who first set up civilian-run higher learning institutions in China. Another 25 persons who have made distinguished contributions to promote civilian-run higher education in China also won awards.

Reform in Institute of Engineering Phisics
China Institute of Engineering Physics was founded 40 years ago. It has exploded the first atomic bomb in China, completed many high-tech experiments and made remarkable contributions to the development of technologies in national defence.
Now people in this institute have come out from bleak valleys and plunged into the market economy.
They have made over 2000 high-tech results in laser, energy and new materials. In civilian technology research, they have developed over 30 kinds of products which have passed examination at state and provincial levels. They have set up six joint ventures and 20 production lines. In 1997, over 100 enterprises under the institutition yielded products valued at 0.43 billion yuan.


Santer: EU to Upgrade EU-China Relations
European Commission President Jacques Santer said China is an important country in Asia as well as the pillar of stable Asian economy and finance. EU-China cooperation will promote the prosperity and stability in Asia. Santer made the statement right before his China visit when he interviewed People's Daily's reporters in Brussels.
Santer will pay an official visit to China from October 29 to November 3 at the invitation of the Chinese government. He will hold talks with Chinese leaders on mutual cooperation in many fields. Santer highly praised China for its great achievements gained since the introduction of the reform and opening policy. He showed his belief that his upcoming China visit will be constructive and fruitful.

International Forum: the Hard Breakthrough
The 19-month-long deadlock of Mid-East Talks have been broken finally by the Palestine-Israel-US summit since October 15.
Israelis and the Palestinians reached an agreement on land-for-peace marking an important milestone in the Mideast history. Under the agreement, Israel will withdraw troops from 13.1 percent of the West Bank in three months. This achievement has helped open the gate for the talk on the "final status"issue.
The harsh fact shows that to delay the peace talk will do harm to both parties and the conflict will turn to a powder keg going beyond the century. Turbulence and violence will kill the bud of peace, if Mid-East peace cannot be reached as soon as possible. Cheerful as it is that the deal is made temporarily, what is more important is to observe and execute the accord.
The Mid-East peace process is still an arduous task. Harder negotiations related with the sensitive issues especially the final-status of Jerusalem, on which the two parties have big divergence, are to be held in the third stage; namely; the last one in Mid-East Peace Talk. Both Palestine and Israel should push the peace talk forward step by step on the basis of the temporary peace accord.
At present, both the situation in Mid-East and the overall international situation are helpful for the peace talk. Most of Palestinians and Israelis are eager for peace and tranquility. They should enjoy a peaceful life.

Peru, Ecuador Sign Peace Treaty
Peru and Ecuador signed a peace treaty in Brasilia on October 26 to end a dispute over a 78-kilometer section of their border in the Andean foothills in the Amazon jungle. Under the agreement, the disputed section of the border will follow the Cordillera del Condor mountain range, as Peru had claimed.
But a one-square-kilometer hilly area within Peru's territory called Tiwintza will be granted to Ecuador as private property, with Peru maintaining sovereignty over it.
Peru and Ecuador fought wars in 1941, 1981 and 1995 over the disputed region. Peace talks over the dispute began in 1995.


World Petroleum Market Slumps
At the beginning of last week, the price of crude oil tumbled to about US$12 per barrel in the London market, only US$1 more than the August record low over the last 10 years.
More and more economists called for preventing financial crises from spreading as well as paying attention to stabilizing the petroleum market.

Thai Economy Takes a Favorable Turn
The measures and policies adopted by the Thai government on financial reform and economic vitalization have taken effect. The macroeconomic index showed that the Thai economy had improved.
First, the Thai Baht is relatively stable and gradually appreciating. In mid-October, the exchange rate of Baht against US dollar rose to about 38:1.
Second, foreign investment began to flow into Thailand. Total foreign investment is estimated at US$10 billion in Thailand this year.
Third, foreign debts are diminishing. By the end of July, Thailand's foreign debts dropped to US$87.17 billion from US$93.42 billion last year. Along with the reduction of foreign debts, foreign exchange reserves are on the rise.
Fourth, current account gained a surplus, which will be over US$15 billion by the end of this year.

The Andes countries will establish a compensation deposit system to offset the impact of the international financial crisis and to stabilize the exchange rate of local currencies against the US dollar. The decision was made at the second Andes Economic Ministers Meeting, which concluded in Santa Fe Bogota, Colombia, on October 25.
An expert team, appointed by economic and trade ministries of the five Andes member countries of Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and Venezuela, will take responsibilities for drafting a formula for a regional common market within two months. At the same time, central bank governors of the five countries will also submit their research results on the establishment of the compensation deposit system.

A volcano in Japan's northernmost main island of Hokkaido erupted on the morning of October 25.
Data available indicate that the volcano has erupted over 10 times since 1640.


Chinese Win Singles Titles in Lebanon Open
Chinese Wang Liqin, ranked sixth in the world, won the men's singles title as he outdid his world No. 11 teammate Ma Lin 24-22, 21-23, 21-7, 21-15 in the Lebanon Open table tennis tournament on October 26.
Yang Ying, world No. 4, beat world No. 8 Wu Na 21-15, 21-16, 24-22 in an all-Chinese women's final. On Saturday, Ma Lin and Qin Zhijian paired up to take the men's doubles title after they beat their French opponents Nicolas Chatelain and Chila Patrick 14-21, 21-12, 21-8.
Yang Ying teamed up with Wu Na to defeat their teammates Zhang Yining and Sun Jin 23-25, 21-17,21-12 on Saturday.
The tournament, held in Lebanon's central town of Jounieh, 20 kilometers north of the capital, attracted 77 players from 20 countries and regions to contest for a total of four titles and US$50,000 in prizes.
In the Lebanon Open last year, Chinese players also grabbed all gold medals.

LG Cup World Invitational Championship: Three Chinese Players enter Top Four

China Beats Italy Again in Women's Volleyball Friendly Match
The Chinese women's volleyball team defeated its visiting Italian counterpart in 3-0 straight sets again on Monday, the second of their two-game warm-ups for the next month's world championship in Japan.
The host team, led by head coach Lang Ping, scored a 15-2, 15-6 and 15-12 victory over Italy.

In the '98 China Cup World Aeronautic Flight Competition, four small planes of the Golden Dream Flight Team from the UK were sweeping past the audience in Wuhan on October 25.


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