Inner Mongolia Builds a 1,000-li Yellow River Dyke
The Party committee and government of the Inner Mongolian Autonomous Region have spared no efforts to guarantee the production and the safety of the lives and property of the people in areas along the river. This year, they have invested more than 250 million yuan, organized and mobilized the efforts of the people of various nationalities to build the Yellow River Dyke.
The flood-control capability of the 830-km-long Yellow River Dyke in the Inner Mongolian section has dropped sharply for having long been out of repair and the dyke has experienced disasters many times in recent years. Since the beginning of this summer, the regional Party committee and government have regarded building of the river dyke as one of the most important tasks in capital construction. Leaders of the regional Party committee and government have appeared on the site several time and directed and supervised the construction work of the Yellow River dyke. They stressed that the harness of big rivers is a long-term task, so it is necessary to seize every minute to step up construction of river dykes in a down-to-earth manner to prevent any possible trouble.
Our Editor's Notes praise the moves of the regional Party committee and government as enjoying popular support.

China's Financial Operation Continues to Develop Steadily
According to the latest statistics from the People's Bank of China, since the beginning of this year, the central bank has taken a series of measures of suitably increasing money supply and has continued to gain remarkable results in this respect. Money supply at various levels has maintained appropriate growth, savings deposits and loans of financial institutions have increased steadily, the management of loans has been further strengthened and the financial situation has developed steadily. At the end of October, the balance of loans of financial institutions was 8345.5 billion yuan, up 17 percent; the balance of savings deposits was 9305.3 billion yuan, up 17.6 percent; the exchange rate of the Renminbi to the US dollar remained stable at one dollar to 8.278 yuan.

Granaries Seen After Bumper Harvests
Grain output of Liaoning Province has set a new record this year, the purchase of autumn grain is soon to begin.. Reporters of Xinhua News Agency covered some granaries in Changtu County of northern Liaoning Province, what they saw and heard is really encouraging. According to Liu Feng, responsible member of Shuangmiaozi Granary, the 60 tons of corn purchased by the Wuxi-Chia Tai Fodder Factory were being delivered after 7 million yuan of cash was paid in advance. Thus far, except for the 1.8 million kg of reserve grain, more than half of the existing 25 million kg of grain had been sold out. Liu said his granary is big enough for 50 million kg, so there is problem with the granary capacity. In Cilushu Granary in Changtu County, the reporters met Chen Haibo, director of the granary. He said, in addition to the 1.5 million kg of the province's reserve grain, the remaining commodity grain was less than 350,000 kg, the work of selling grain this year has been completed. Now preparation is being made for the purchase of autumn grain. Cilushu Granary has a capacity for 35 million kg. During their coverage in Changtu County, responsible members of granaries the reporters met all said that although the task of purchasing autumn grain this year is arduous, as long as efforts are made, there is no problem with granary capacity.

President Kim Dae Jung of the Republic of Korea Begins His State Visit to China Today
At the invitation of President Jiang Zemin, President Kim Dae Jung of the Republic of Korea will pay a state visit to China from November 11 to 15. The photo and profile of Kim Dae Jung are published together with this news item.

Inseparable Friendship Between Doctors and Patients
This is an actual record on community health-care service in Tianjin. Since the beginning of the 1990s, medical workers of the city's grass-roots clinics have gone deep into communities and families to render comprehensive medical and health-care services for the residents. At present, the city boasts 1,232 community doctors, set up 53,000 family beds, signed health-care contracts with 120,000 households, thus bringing long-term benefits for 2.6 million people. To enable community health-care services to being benefits for the public, Tianjin City has formulated a series of preferential policies. At the same time, financial resources are allocated by the municipal government in their favor. For three straight years, the local government has put in 1 million yuan of special funds annually to train doctors and set up community health development funds. In carrying out community health-care service, Tianjin grass-roots hospitals have consistently regarded providing convenient, fine-quality and low-priced medical services as their purpose and tried by every possible means to lighten patients' burden and benefit ordinary people. Through visiting from door to door, medical workers have got a deeper understanding of the well-being of ordinary people, and so their hearts are drawn closer to each other.

*Canadian Prime Minister Jean Chretien will pay an official visit to China from November 19 to 21 at the invitation of Chinese Premier Zhu Rongji. *President Juan Ignacio Barrero of the Spanish Senate will pay a goodwill visit to China from November 14 to 21 at the invitation of the CPPCC National Committee.
Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhu Bangzao announced these two news items at yesterday's routine press conference.

Tang Jiaxuan on President Jiang Zemin's Visit to Russia, Japan
Chinese Foreign Minister Tang Jiaxuan held a press conference in Beijing yesterday for Beijing-based Russian and Japanese journalists during which he expounded on the significance of Chinese President Jiang Zemin's upcoming visit to Russia and Japan.
Jiang will visit the two countries at the invitation of Russian President Boris Yeltsin, and the Japanese government between November 22 and 30.
He said that the meeting between Jiang and Yeltsin, the sixth between the two heads of state, will be the first "no-tie" informal meeting, in which they will have a thorough, free, and in-depth exchange of views on bilateral relations, as well as other major regional and global issues of common concern.
He stressed that this meeting will strengthen the existing China-Russia strategic partnership.
On the Sino-Russian economic and trade relationship, Tang said the Asian financial crisis has had an impact on the two countries. To boost bilateral economic cooperation, he pointed out, the two nations should make common efforts, implement the existing agreements, and seek new outlets for growth through diversifying the current trading structure.
He believes such cooperation can be lifted to a new level, provided that the two countries make unremitting efforts.
On the China-Japan relationship, Tang said that President Jiang's upcoming state visit to Japan, the first state visit to Japan by a Chinese head of state, will be of "great immediate and far-reaching historic significance for Sino-Japanese relations."
The visit will take place at a time marking the 20th anniversary of the signing of the China-Japan Treaty of Peace and Friendship, and at the turn of the century, and therefore it will mean a continuation of the past and an opening to the future, he said.
"We hope that the visit will help summarize and draw upon experience and lessons in the development of Sino-Japanese relations, and construct the framework for a 21st-century-oriented relationship of good-neighborliness, friendship and cooperation between China and Japan, from a long-term and strategic perspective," said the Chinese foreign minister.
He said that both China and Japan, two influential nations in the region and the world at large, should make even greater contributions to peace and development in the Asia-Pacific region and the world as a whole.
"So long as the two sides strictly adhere to the Sino-Japanese Joint Statement, and the principles enshrined in the China-Japan Treaty of Peace and Friendship, and properly handle any problems between them in the spirit of viewing history correctly and looking into the future, especially in the two principal issues --history and Taiwan, Sino-Japanese relations will be able to continue to move forward steadily and healthily," said Tang.

Hu Jintao Meets With Japanese Visitors
Chinese Vice-President Hu Jintao said yesterday that it is the common responsibility of China and Japan to open up the future of bilateral relations from a strategic and long-term perspective on the basis of taking lessons from history.
Hu made the remarks in a meeting with a delegation from the Democratic Party of Japan (DPJ), led by Yokomichi Tokahiro, chairman of DPJ Executive Board.
The first state visit to Japan by Chinese President Jiang Zemin at the end of this month will be of major historic significance to Sino-Japanese relations, Hu said.
He added that China and Japan should proceed from the overall situation of bilateral ties and foster a permanent, healthy, stable and cooperative Sino-Japanese relationship oriented toward the next century.
Tokahiro said that Japan-China ties have entered a historic moment. President Jiang's visit to Japan will have an important impact on bilateral relations and on peace and development in Asia and the world as a whole, he noted.
The Japanese side hopes that President Jiang's Japan tour will enable the two countries to forge a friendly partnership of peace geared to the 21st century, Tokahiro said.


In the Economic Visual Field Column, an article says that there are bright prospects for China's technological export. Excerpts: In the first 9 months to September, the year-on-year growth rate of technological export is much greater than the 3.9 percent growth rate of trade. China's technological export began at the beginning of the 1980s and the past 20 years have brought about an economy of scale for the export. In the period from 1980 to the first half of 1998, China signed a total of 7100 contracts on technological export valued at US$24 billion. And contracts and their value signed after 1990 make up over 95 percent of the total. China boasts a great amount of mature industrialized technologies and fairly plentiful technological resources which has created capability for technological export. And export items involve machinery, vessels, building materials, electronics, chemicals, light and textile products, metallurgy, energy, telecom and pharmaceuticals, etc. Already exported were 0.15 million ton-level vessels, large thermo power stations each with a capacity of 0.32 million kwh and cement turn-key projects each with an annual output capacity of 1.3 million tons and synthetic ammonia turn-key projects each with an annual output capacity of 0.3 million tons. In the first half of this year, the year-on-year growth rate stood at 43.5 percent as high.The value of technological export is estimated at 27-30 percent higher this year over last year. China's high-tech exports such as aeronautical equipment, computer softwares, medical technology had directly headed for Europe and America. That is why the technological export has been able to ward off risks in the face of the financial crisis in southeast Asia. In comparison with the developed countries, China is inexperienced and short of enough channels for its technological exports which are much lower in value. Specialists share the view that there is great potential in techological export in China because in the past 2 years, in terms of value, the technological exports made up merely 3 percent of the total exports. To make the technological exports China's leading products in trade, it is necessary to use the existing technological edges, make a great effort to open up markets, enhance support for them and strengthen the integration of trade, industry, technology and banking, improve market order and codify management.

Guangdong has yielded fruits in tackling auto and motorcycle assembling markets. 269 illegally assembled autos and 385 illegally assembled motorcycles were seized. By the end of October, a motorcycle assembling market had been closed and business in 3 auto assembling markets had been suspended for regulation.

The containment closure of the reactor No.1 in the second phase of the Qinshan nuclear power station project has been completed.

Construction Minister Yu Zhengsheng called earlier for putting premium on the quality of the infrastructure projects. He demanded that a responsibility system be instituted for project quality in all construction departments.

Taxi prices have been adjusted in Beijing.

Wooden Packaging to be Avoided on Exports to US
Chinese exporters earlier were called on to refrain from using wooden packaging on products to be exported to the US as far as possible. The call was issued in a joint notice from the State Economic and Trade Commission , the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Relations, the General Administration of Customs and the State Administration for Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine.


Forum on Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan Investments vs Reform and Opening up
The reform and opening up policy provides a good condition and chance for the development of the capital of Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan in the inland. The infusion of these investments has greatly promoted the development of the motherland's economy and the cause of China's reunification.
Many authoritative people made these remarks while participating in the forum which was held in Beijing yesterday.
The inland's resources, market, labor force and the advantages of science and technology provide a wide arena for the investors from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan. These investors not only have brought capital, technology, management expertise, marketing methods, created job opportunities and flourished the market but have also promoted the integration of the inland economy and the world economy, the participants believed.


Foreign Ministry Spokesman Comments on Taiwan Issue
China expressed "serious concern and vehement resentment" over the visit of US Energy Secretary Bill Richardson to Taiwan.
"China always opposes any official exchanges between the United States and Taiwan," said Zhu Bangzao, adding that Richardson's visit seriously violates the principles on the Three China-US Joint Comuniques and the US commitment to not having official contact with Taiwan.
Zhu urged the US side to strictly limit US-Taiwan relations within the "unofficial scope" and do practical work to safeguard the improvement and development of Sino-US relations.

A Batch of Books and Audio-Video Products Reflecting the Glorious Life of the Late Chinese President Liu Shaoqi Have Appeared.

Macao Welcomes the Election Guidelines
Celebrities of all social circles in Macao welcome the election guidelines of election committee for the first government of the Macao SAR.
They believe these guidelines reflect the wishes of the Macao residents and show that the preparatory committee is highly democratic.

Support for Macao's Participation in IOC
China supports Macao to join the International Olympic Committee(IOC).
Wu Shaozu, chairman of China Olympic Committee, made the remarks while meeting with Macao's sports circle.
The Chinese government will give full support to Macao in the sports field after its return to the motherland, Wu noted.


China Develops Amphibious Plane
A Chinese research institute in central China's Hubei Province has developed a new generation of amphibious planes.
Li Xu'e, President of the China Institute of Science and Technology Development, says that this amphibious plane has the characteristics of a plane and a high-speed hovercraft and it is expected to become an important waterborne transportation.
It was being tested at Taihu Lake in Jiangsu Province, according to Li. The 15-seat DXF-100 has a top speed of 200 kilometers per hour and it can make a nonstop flight for two hours. It also can float on the water and fly in the air at an altitude of 0.6 to 1.2 meters. It does not need an airport.
Li says that the plane can be used for commercial purposes, controlling smuggling on coastal waters, patrolling borders, and marine rescue work. It has the speed of a plane but less crash risks.
The vehicle was produced by an aircraft company in Hubei province.

Young Teachers Play Leading Role at Wuhan University
Wuhan University put premium on the cultivation of young and middle-aged teachers. The university officials have pinned high hopes on these teachers. They worked out a series of favorable policies and measures for them. There are 904 teachers under age 45, accounting for 60 percent of the total teaching staff. Among them 71 percent have master and doctorate degree and 44 percent are professors and associate professors.

Jiang Zhenghua, vice-chairman of the NPC Standing Committee, made a research on the ecological environment construction, energy exploitation and rural medical and health work in Yulin District, Shaanxi Province.
Jiang said that it was right for the Yulin District to put the ecological environment construction in the first place. The forests planted by the Yulin people have become an ecological barrier against the wind and sand. It has set an example for the ecological environment management and ecological agriculture in the north rural areas.

Art Development Strategy Symposium Opens
A Symposium on art development strategy was held in Beijing on November 10. It is to sum up the achievements made since the reform and opening and discuss the art development strategy for the 21st century.
Minister of Culture Sun Jiazheng said at the symposium that culture is rich in content. We should stress research on cultural policy and improve the management of cultural works. We should absorb the wisdom from all social circles to improve Chinese culture work.
Ren Jiyu, a celebrated scholar, speaking at the symposium, pointed out that modernization is a historic tide while the key to it is science and technology. CAS academician He Zuoxiu said that innovation is the soul of a nation and our culture and art should pay great attention to it. Attendants at the symposium earnestly discussed the experiences of literary and artistic creation and development and some other relevant topics.

A symposium on "98 Internet Industry Development and the Third Anniversary of NetChina Foundation" was held in Beijing on November 10. It was co-sponsored by the News Information Center of Xinhua News Agency, China Telecom Digital Communications Bureau and China International Net Information Co. Ltd. Authoritative persons from international network circles exchanged views with representatives from domestic industry circles on hot issues around internet industry development.


*Robertson: Patience Lost about Iraq
The British Defense Secretary George Robertson Spoke at a news conference in Manama on November 9 that the Iraq-UN crisis was extremely serious and that the international community was losing patience. He called upon Iraq to resume cooperation with UN inspectors to avert a military strike.
*Iraq Wants to Solve Arms Inspection Crisis Peacefully
Iraqi Foreign Minister Mohammed Saeed al-Sahhaf said on November 10 that Iraq is making intensive contacts with France, Russia, China and other countries to find a peaceful solution to the current Iraq-UN standoff.

Kim Dae-jung Writes Foreword for Chinese Version of Autobiography
South Korean President Kim Dae-jung expresses great relief about the fruitful exchanges between S. Korea and China in a foreword written for the Chinese version of his autobiography---MY LIFE, MY ROAD, which was published in China right before his visit to China. Kim records vividly his more than forty-year-long life since he had began his political career. Despite numerous difficulties facing him, Kim marched on bravely toward his goal. The president says in his foreword that he had heard of China in his boyhood. Since his hometown is near the east coastline of China, he didn't think China was very far from S. Korea. Kim points out that in culture there are many common points between the two countries. Kim hopes the Chinese people may know more about himself and the S. Korean people through the book.

Russian FM Highly Evaluates Sino-Russia Relationship
Russian Foreign Minister Igor Ivanov met with Wu Tao, the Chinese ambassador to Russia in Moscow on November 9. Ivanov said that the stable and healthy growth of relations between Russia and China would do good to the people of the two countries and peace and stability in the world. Wu Tao and Ivanov exchanged views on some international issues of common interest and the preparation for President Jiang's visit to Russia. Ivanov said that President Jiang's forthcoming visit is earnestly expected and he expressed his belief that the summit would push forward the two countries' strategic cooperative partnership facing the 21st century.
President Jiang will have an informal meeting with the Russian President at the invitation of the latter from November 22 to November 25.


China Ranks First in Foreign Investment Among Developing Countries
China attracted US$45.3 billion direct foreign investment in 1997, a record high, said an economist at the press conference in the United Nations.
While introducing the "1998 World Investment Report", the economist said that China takes up over half of the total direct foreign investment in Asia, which also means 1/3 of the total foreign investment in the developing countries. This makes China number one in terms of direct foreign investment among developing countries and puts it in second place in the whole world.

The British Royal Theater is being refurbished completely. It is about to reopen in the second half of 1999.

*The Singaporean economy has witnessed a recession, said the Ministry of Trade and Industry of Singapore in the Third Quarter Economic Report.
The economy decreased by 0.7 percent in the third quarter from the same period last year. The GDP saw negative growth for two consecutive months, the first of its kind since 1986.
*The exchange rate of Japanese yen against the US dollar tumbled in the Tokyo Foreign Exchange on November 10. The closing rate was 122.31 yen to US$1, dropping 2.96 yen from the previous trading day.

OPEC Oil Price Declines
*The London-based International Energy Agency issued a report on November 9, saying that the daily petroleum demand will drop by 600,000 barrels on the world market in the fourth quarter of this year.
*The average price of the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries' (OPEC's) seven kinds of crude fell off again to US$11.98 per barrel last week from US$12.30 in the previous week, announced the Vienna-based OPEC Secretariat on November 9.

*EU, Mexico Start Free-Trade Negotiations
The European Union (EU) and Mexico started negotiations on November 9 to establish a zone of free trade in goods and services between them.
The negotiations focus on market access, services and the flow of capital, as well as settlement of problems relating to competitions and disputes.
After the first round, the two parties agree to hold negotiations every six weeks. The second round negotiations will be held in Brussels, Belgium next January.
* India, Pakistan Hold First Round of Trade Talks
India and Pakistan held their first round of talks on commerce and trade in New Delhi, India on November 10.
The two sides will discuss cooperation in telecommunications, railways and power.

Marcos Deposit Case
The Philippines officials recently released the news that the government had found written proof, to confirm that the ex-president Ferdinand E Marcos had a US$30 billion deposit in the Swiss Bank.
Senior officials of the Philippine government said that the uncovered deposit included US$13.5 billion in the name of Marcos and other 10 accounts in the name of Marcos's close friends.


FINA Swimming World Cup to Take Place in Beijing
1999 FINA Swimming World Cup will be held in Beijing on January 5-6, 1999, the last and highest-level swimming meet in China in this century.
The World Cup, the Olympics and the World Swimming Championships are the three highest-level competitions sponsored by FINA.

World Largest Football Made in Dalian
A football with a diameter of 3.525m, weighing 142kg, has been made in Dalian. It is larger than the 3m ball exhibited in Paris during the World Cup France '98.
Eight workers spent 28 days on it.

Finals Between Ma Xiaochun and Liu Xiaoguang to Start in Shenzhen
The finals of the Zhongxing Telecom Cup Chinese Weiqi Meijin Championship will begin on November 15 in Shenzhen, the seat of the Zhongxing Telecom. There will be some tough games between defending Meijin Ma Xiaochun and challenger Liu Xiaoguang.

Wang Liqin Beats Kong Linghui at Ericsson Table Tennis Challenge Contest
World champion Kong Linghui from Heilongjiang was eliminated by Wang Liqin from Shanghai 3-2 in the men's semifinals of the Ericsson Chinese Table Tennis Challenge Contest in Hefei, Anhui Province, on November 7. Wang will meet Yan Sen, third place in the World Championships, who defeated Ma Lin 3-0.
The women's semifinals will be held in Taiyuan, Shanxi Province, on November 15.

Sports Industry As Viewed From F-1
F-1 has become very popular in the world. About 500 million people watched F-1 last leg race on TV on November 1. Its television and advertisement incomes are quite considerable.


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